How it Works

The Basics:

When a player gets tagged, their vest flashes on and off for six seconds and then the player is activated again.


For novice and advanced games, players can earn bonus points and power-ups by tagging secondary targets within the arena called GEMS. Powers include invisibility, mega-power, rapid fire, nebulizer and invulnerability. Our staff will coach players on how to earn these special powers before the game begins.

Team Bases:

The entire arena and each team is based upon these four elements.

The Wind Base (yellow team):

Produces a mini tornado effect to ward off players.

The Fire Base (Red Team):

Has a surprise protector that is not for the faint of heart!

The Earth Base (Green Team):

Has a giant tree inspired by the Great Tree from Avatar.

The Water Base (Blue Team):

Holds Poseidon’s Temple where one must not wake the giant God of The Oceans.

Game Types:

Capture the Flag

Each team attempts to capture the opponents’ base while simultaneously protecting their own base. Plays up to four teams.


A deadly disease has infected one player (Red Team) and it’s highly contagious! When the infected player tags a healthy player (Green Team), the healthy player is immediately infected and turns red. Once all players have become infected, the games start again with the last player infected as the lone member of the Red Team. The last player infected always gets extra bonus points.


Each team must hold as many GEMS as possible for as long as possible to earn bonus points. Once a player has tagged a GEM, it turns to the color of the players team and they earn bonus points for as long as it continues to be their color.


The goal is to capture all seven GEMs in the proper order from levels 1-7. Each GEM is worth bonus points, and each subsequent level doubles in value.