Virtual Reality

Take your gaming to the next level.

Fly on The Great Wall of China, ride on a sea turtle, sharp shoot in the wild west — the possibilities are endless in our state-of-the-art virtual reality center. Explore our platforms below, then come in to experience 90+ adventures for yourself.

VR Platforms


Our flagship VR ride seats up to eight and features eight exciting 4D adventures! Riders experience roller coaster-like simulations that include sound, wind, & motion effects. This wild ride is perfect for groups and appeals to all ages!

1 Ride: $6

Shadow Box

Combining your virtual reality experience with the chance to go head to head with family, friends or co-workers in this interactive competition-style simulation. In this fast moving adventure, you choose 5 games from a choice of 30 and play each against your competitor.Make sure to bring your A-game and best aim!

1 Ride: $4

Pod Flyer

Immerse yourself in our futuristic pods and find whole new worlds inside! Take your pick of 30 unforgettable experiences like flying, racing, & shooting and the dynamic platform of the simulator will work out each movement to guide you through the adventure.

1 Ride: $4

X-Treme Machine

It’s like riding a bike, but a thousand times more exhilarating. Choose from 20 different adventures including Motorcycle Racing, Bungee Jumping, Roller Coaster Rides, Extreme Ski Jumping and many more. It’s easy, it’s fun and will blow you away!

1 Ride: $4