Go-Karts | edge618


Must be at least 52" tall to ride & 10 years old to ride.

Experience racing like you have never done before.  Smart system go-karts designed for all audiences including performance racing.  We set the speed of the go-karts to the driving ability and age of the drivers.  Our Thunderbolt Racing cars have both single and double seats available.  Our race track has a 13.5 foot elevation change with bank turns on a road style track.
Note: No flip-flops, No unsecure Sandal (without backs), No High Heels (more than 1 inch)  * No Cell Phone Use while operating the Go-Karts.

To be a Go-Kart Passenger you must be with a qualified driver and 5 years of age or older.


Look for adult racing leagues forming soon!


Pricing for Go-Karts (per person)

$8 per ride
2nd Rider is $2 per race