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The Edge Attractions


Everything under one roof!

Discover a world of endless excitement at our incredible facility! With our massive laser tag arena, arcade, bowling, bumper cars, go karts, and virtual reality experiences, there's something fun for everyone to enjoy!

(Parties & Group Events ONLY)

Kick back and bowl on in our 6-lane alley and lounge in the upper mezzanine. Our blacklight, regulation-size lanes feature automated scoring and giant projector screens along the back wall so you’ll never have to worry about missing a minute of action during a big game.

Shoe Rental: $2

Price Per Hour: $30 (per hour-per lane) - shoe rental separate (for up to 6 guests per lane)

The Edge Bowling
The Edge Go Karts

Go Karts 

Our go-karts utilize the Power-Up-Racing system which is similar to Mario Kart Racing.  Riders drive over gold coins embedded in the track for immediate power boosts and can gain Power-Ups (Turbo Boost, Turtle Speed) by driving over specific targets and activating their power at the optimum race time. 


Our track has elevation changes, banked turns, and the industry’s top-rated electric go-karts.  We have single and double-rider cars.

1 Ride: $10/person

2 Rides: $18/person

 3 Rides: $25/person 


     Riders must be 10 years and 52” to drive.    

Go Karts

Bumper Cars

Our Spin Zone takes bumper cars to the next level of fun. You control your bumper car and try to bump your friend’s lit sensors and watch them spin. It’s fun, fast, and appropriate for all ages

1 Ride: $6/person

The Edge Bumper Cars
Bumper Cars
The Edge Arcade Skee Ball


Games, games, and more games!


Come play on one of our 70 arcade games which include a wide variety of redemption and video games including some of the newest along with some of the classics!


Virtual Reality

Pod Flyer

Immerse yourself in our futuristic pods and find whole new worlds inside!


Take your pick of 30 unforgettable experiences like flying, racing, & shooting and the dynamic platform of the simulator will work out each movement to guide you through the adventure.

1 Ride: $4/person

The Edge Virtual Reality Pod Flyer
The Edge Virtual Reality Valo Arena

Valo Arena

Come play in the area's first Augmented Reality Attraction. Up to six players enter our arena and choose one of five game formats. Players are instantly immersed in the video game on two giant screens and compete to win.  It’s fun, fast-paced, and competitive. 


Take home your memory afterward by downloading the video of your experience to your phone or email.

1 Ride: $4/person

Valo Arena

Var Box

Come play on the first E-SPORT VR system on the planet.  The VAR Box features two side-by-side VR units that allow players to collaborate or compete against each other in one of four game formats. 


Whether it’s Zombies, Dinosaurs, or First Person Shooters, the VAR Box has something for everyone who likes VR.  Download the APP and it tracks your scores and shows how you rank globally.


The VAR Box’s ESPORT feature offers players the opportunity to compete in monthly cash tournaments.


1 Ride: $4/person

The Edge Virtual Reality Var Box
The Edge X Rider


Our flagship VR ride seats up to eight and features eight exciting 4D adventures! Riders experience roller coaster-like simulations that include sound, wind, & motion effects. This wild ride is perfect for groups and appeals to all ages!

1 Ride: $6/person


Attractions Gallery

The Edge Attractions Gallery
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