Laser Tag

Welcome to the World’s Largest Laser Tag Arena.

Laser Rock — 14,000 square feet of pure adventure and adrenaline. Our show-stopping arena is a multi-level escape into a fast-paced world of swirling fog, energetic music and fun around every corner.

We play multiple game formats that appeal to novice and advanced players alike. Featuring a wide variety of missions that can play up to 60 people, Laser Rock is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Are you up to the challenge?

1 Game: $10/person
2 Games: $18/person
3 Games: $25/person

Game Types

Capture The Flag

Each team attempts to capture the opponents’ base while simultaneously protecting their own base. Plays up to four teams.


A deadly disease has infected one player (Red Team) and it’s highly contagious! When the infected player tags a healthy player (Green Team), the healthy player is immediately infected and turns red. Once all players have become infected, the games start again with the last player infected as the lone member of the Red Team. The last player infected always gets extra bonus points.


Each team must hold as many GEMS as possible for as long as possible to earn bonus points. Once a player has tagged a GEM, it turns to the color of the players team and they earn bonus points for as long as it continues to be their color.


The goal is to capture all seven GEMs in the proper order from levels 1-7. Each GEM is worth bonus points, and each subsequent level doubles in value.

Blood Moon

In our newest game Blood Moon, humans enter the arena and soon, a few humans become infected with a zombie virus. These humans become highly contagious while emitting a loud zombie sound! Any human bitten by a zombie will soon convert. After all the humans are infected, the game restarts as players are transformed back into humans again. Try Blood Moon for a fully immersive laser tag experience!